Recent Work
User-Centric Design

It means putting the person or customer at the heart of any development process, and that’s what I live by.

My talent lies within being a lifelong learner. Give me a package or technology and a few hours, and not only will I come back with a creation, I’ll present it to the client and then show and teach all those around me on how to implement it. I have extensive background in design theories including UX research and discovery, a desire to listen to the problem at hand and then explore solutions via ideation. It doesn’t stop there though; Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Zeplin, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects (did I mention I’ve designed for broadcast?), 3ds Max, Maya, Axure RP,, proto.pie, principle (why do so many prototype programs start with a “p”?). Let’s add a few more just for fun; HTML, CSS, a bit of JavaScript, responsive web design, bootstrap. That’s right, not only can I design it (based off solid UX principles), but I’m usually prototyping it and even coding it when needed…ah, bootstrap.

It just doesn’t end with all the creative, UX, product design stuff though folks. I absolutely love to teach and mentor others. I’ve been a manager and a director but I prefer the title “Mentor”. That’s what it really should be called when you have other creatives around you. Please don’t “manage” others, tend to them and mentor them so that they can be the superstars. Your role is to let them enjoy the spotlight.