UX/UI Design and Development

Kevin C. Marshall, UX Architect

  • “We need an appraisal tool that looks unlike anything out there” – This is what was presented to me as the task from our director of Automotive applications at PERQ. We had a suite of tools to help dealers manage inventory and send out promotions but nothing to help in[...]
  • This particular project hits all the aspects of UX; discovery, testing, ideation, concept, wireframes, prototypes, heuristic evaluation, usability and delivery. For the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis I had to pull out all the stops and start at the beginning. The main ask from the National Geographic was to educate children[...]
  • “If you gather data from users and then incorporate your findings into your product design, you’ll be more likely to meet their true needs. In return, they will probably like the end result better and become more efficient at using it.”   The UX journey for me always starts with[...]
  • In this particular design opportunity, I was tasked with creating a concept for allowing consumers to run through a quick, pre-qualification process housed on a dealership website. The experience itself need to feel “app-like” without the added overhead of requiring the end-user to actually download and install a device-specific app.[...]
  • This particular app was designed with the automotive retailer in mind. The challenge was taking something as necessary as trade-in approval (vehicle lien verification) and creating an experience that sales staff could use, directly on the lot. Most trade-ins place value on the physical condition of the vehicle plus the[...]
  • How do you take something as simplistic as a floating action button (FAB) and inject personality and sub-actions to make it a truly interactive element? In these various design concepts lay the roots to what has officially launched this year with great effect. These are all different takes on the[...]


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