UX/UI Design and Development

Kevin C. Marshall, UX Architect

  • In this particular design opportunity, I was tasked with creating a concept for allowing consumers to run through a quick, pre-qualification process housed on a dealership website. The experience itself need to feel “app-like” without the added overhead of requiring the end-user to actually download and install a device-specific app.[...]
  • This particular app was designed with the automotive retailer in mind. The challenge was taking something as necessary as trade-in approval (vehicle lien verification) and creating an experience that sales staff could use, directly on the lot. Most trade-ins place value on the physical condition of the vehicle plus the[...]
  • How do you take something as simplistic as a floating action button (FAB) and inject personality and sub-actions to make it a truly interactive element? In these various design concepts lay the roots to what has officially launched this year with great effect. These are all different takes on the[...]